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Retail Manager Payroll is a Jamaican payroll software designed to help optimize and simplify the complex task associated with running payroll for any business.
Retail Manager Payroll is ideal for any size business and has the flexibility to handle a variety of pay structures including hourly, salaried, commissioned, bonus and piece work. Statutory deductions are automatically calculated for specified earnings and deductions. All essential payroll cheques and reports may be printed or emailed. Also included are powerful tools for personnel management including tracking employees start date, termination date, vacation time, sick dates, reviews, promotions, time-off and other historically data. RMW Payroll holds static information for each employee such as name, address, telephone numbers, Tax Return Number, commencement date, permanent status, job description, emergency contacts, material status, payment methods, pay cycle, frequency, etc. If desired, employees may be grouped into a department and or a location, enabling accurate and detailed cost reporting. For added simplicity and integration to other accounting packages, all Payroll information feeds directly to a multiple currency General Ledger. To suit everyone from a small single-company to payroll service companies, RMW Payroll is available at various prices points based on number of employees

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  • Keep track of basic employee data, name, address, TRN, pay history, status, pay period, earnings, deductions types, etc.
  • Allows for any combination of hourly, salaried, piece work, commissioned payments, etc.
  • Allow for unlimited deductions including insurance, garnishing, laundry, etc.
  • Keep track of vacation and sick days
  • Employees may choose to be paid by cash, cheque or electronic funds transfer
  • If paying by cash, a Cash Breakdown report is automatically produced
  • Sick time and vacation are automatically accured
  • Track start dates, termination, vacation time, sick dates, reviews, promotion and other historical dates
  • Customize your deduction amounts by making it a fixed amount, a percentage of total earnings, a percentage of taxable earnings, a percentage of non-taxable earnings or a percentage of total emoluments. Specify an expiry date to have the deduction automatically end on the specified date and enter reference information associated with each deduction.
  • Select one of the various pay cheque formats to meet your client’s or your business needs


Starting at US $350.00

With this edition you pay one time to purchase the current version of the software. The Licence includes support for up to 30 days starting from the date of registration. After the initial purchase you can enhance your software by buying additional Company Access Licences (CALs) and Annual Support. The Annual Support will allow you to receive automatic major updates to RMP via the Internet.
(All prices are in US$)

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